General Contracting & Construction Management

General Contracting has also been at the heart of our business, as GC'ing our own Development projects allow an immense amount of control from both a budgetary and quality perspective. We always have a core member of our team on site. This allows problems that arise to be handled in real time with someone who is fully capable of making decisions on the go. We skip the phone call to the developer, setting up a meeting to go over the problem and then solving it...we go straight to solving the problem.

We have expanded our General Contracting work to include projects of all sizes. As you can see from our projects pages, we have the ability to run a successful job in myriad of environments, and we are always looking for our next challenge.

All that being said, the back office is a key component to any successful development project. An organized office allows the timely transmission of both paperwork and supplies. Our experience includes everything from dealing with banks, engineer site inspections and AIA forms for construction fund draws to creating project timelines, jobsite meetings with subcontractors and just-in-time supply delivery...all without a hiccup to allow the project to progress without delays.

While this service usually goes hand-in-hand when we are GC'ing a project, we have been brought in on a number of occasions when the Developer feels that he is not able, or the GC is not able to run a tight back office, usually resulting in a slow down of the onsite operations and an increase in spending due to inefficiencies.


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