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Episode: 102 - Countertop Catastrophe
Original Air Date: 10/26/2011
Link to Online Episode: http://www.hgtv.com/kitchen-cousins/countertop-catastrophe/index.html

Services: Custom Kitchens, Interior Design, General Contracting & Project Mgmt

Meet the Orlando's, an Italian-American family living in a small condo. The main issue they're facing with their kitchen is one of safety: with three small children they have real concerns over an oven that opens all the way to the floor. With a baby about to start crawling, they needed to address that problem right away. The other issue is function, as the one-size-fits-all kitchen that the builders installed just isn't working for them. The Cousins realize that one way to open up the space is to remove the cheap granite countertop and substitute it with a one piece stainless steel one. But when the new countertop can't fit in the elevator, it almost derails the renovation. The next challenge is creating enough storage space. The Cousins plan to solve this problem with custom made Italian cabinets that reach the full height of the ceiling. Then to tie the living room to the kitchen, Anthony undertakes a special project. Early on, the Cousins learn that Claudia Orlando's father did some restoration work for Grand Central Station. That gives him the idea of taking a picture of the the exterior of the station, have it printed as a mural and use it to cover the wall


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