Balbo's Pizzeria

Location: 70 Hudson St | Hoboken, NJ
Sq Footage: 583 sq. ft.
# of Units: 1
Completed: February 2011

Services: Interior Design, General Contracting & Project Mgmt

This former hair salon space was a complete disaster...the before photos speak for themselves! We gutted the entire space, and along with the owners, designed a classic pizzeria. The owner's selected the name Balbo's to honor the first ever pizzeria that was established in Hoboken. To honor that name and the "old style" we used a lot of subway tile, adding black grout for a more updated look, with small mosaic hexagons on the floor. We used chalkboard paint for the menu, framed in a simple 1x4 trim with rosettes in each of the four corners. Utilizing old light fixtures with Edison bulbs and the addition of a tin ceiling completed the look. Last, but certainly not least, the owner found an old-time photo of Hoboken that we were able to increase the resolution on and have a digital wallpaper printed to an a unique and relevant element to the space.


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