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Episode: 107 - Momma Needs a New Kitchen
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Services: Custom Kitchens, Interior Design, General Contracting & Project Mgmt

This week, it's all in the family! Kitchen Cousins John and Anthony renovate a kitchen that is close to their hearts and stomachs. John's parents, Denise and John, have raised three boys in their home, and the kitchen has always been the center of their family life. Now, the cousins want to surprise Denise with a kitchen she's been looking forward to for years. The cousins will have to move quickly though to get the kitchen installed in time for Thanksgiving. On demolition day, things get off to a slow start when the cousins tackle an unlabeled electrical panel. Eventually they get through the demo and John is left with only his childhood memories. Just when they think things are going to start moving along, the kitchen is stalled when an unexpected snow storm tears through New Jersey, knocking a tree down on Denise and John's house and killing the power. Combine that with the Italian cabinets getting stuck in customs and it's the perfect storm! It comes down to the wire and the guys are racing to nor only finish, but give John and Denise the kitchen of their dreams.


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