Our Team

Anthony Carrino

Principal & Designer

Anthony graduated from Babson College in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science; focused in Entrepreneurship & Information Systems. Babson has been rated the #1 Entrepreneurship College by US News and World Report.

During his years at Babson Anthony started his own web development company (Intricate Design) to pay for all his personal expenses and travel adventures. He had tried a few on campus jobs, but the entrepreneurial blood was already flowing. By his senior year he was managing over 30 clients in and around the Boston area, and was doing freelance for (and then got hired by) Arnold Worldwide Advertising working on campaigns including VW, Royal Caribbean, The Truth and more.

Discovering his creative side while attending business school, and leaning on his early teenage years working construction Anthony and his father Alfonso, co-founded Brunelleschi Construction in Feb of 2004 and haven't looked back. His role for the first two years, aside from general business matters, was to be on site everyday and physically run the job sites as a Project Manager. Managing all sub-contractors and their employees, making tough decisions on the fly, and making sure projects were brought in on time, and on budget. This allowed Anthony to get intimately acquainted with all aspects of the construction site.

As the company began to grow, his role has shifted full time to the office. Anthony’s focus is now on a number of different tasks ranging from locating, negotiating and acquiring new development projects, and arranging financing for them to designing various residential and larger scale restaurant projects. All while keeping the overall strategy of the business in line and seeking out new business opportunities to build on that overall strategy.

In addition, Anthony and his cousin John (see bio below) were discovered by HGTV in early 2011 and were asked to shoot a television series for them. The show launched to great success and The Cousins brand was born. Now on their third series Anthony & John have been the driving creative force behind Kitchen Cousins, Cousins On Call and Cousins Undercover. Their shows can been seen both on HGTV and the DIY Network.

When Anthony isn’t working he tries to spend as much time as he can traveling on his motorcycle and/or shooting photography.

Alfonso Carrino


Alfonso Carrino started his first business in 1978, at the age of thirty. A graduate of Franklin & Marshall College in 1971, he worked for three different export companies in his first years out of college. The experience of international trade garnered in those early years gave him the basis for launching ALFA International Corp. The “AL” was for Alfonso, the “F” for Francine, his wife and the “A” for his newly born son, Anthony, who, 26 years later became his partner in Brunelleschi Construction; one could stay that it was destiny pre written from birth.

ALFA changed into AMIA International Group, LLC, years later. The “A” was now Anthony, the “M” for Michael, his second son, and the “IA” for Olivia, his daughter. The business continued to grow and became one of the major suppliers of component parts to the loudspeaker industry worldwide. Alfonso traveled to Italy often, where a lot of his client base was located. One year of his college education was at the University of Firenze, Italy and he was more than familiar with the country and the language. All the years in Italy and the influence of his heritage would play a large role in his appreciation of art and architecture – design in general.

Alfonso worked for his father’s construction business in the summers in high school and college. He also worked construction in those early years for a family friend and owner of Terminal Construction, which today is one of the largest civil works contractors in the state of NJ. The experience of those formative years gave him hands-on-experience that was to serve him years later. He worked at various jobs from laborer, to driving the dump truck and bulldozers, to working as a carpenter and an iron worker. He grew up in the business. In the 1980’s and 90’s he developed a number of projects together with his father.

Alfonso has passed the major responsibilities of the day-to-day business to his son, but continues to be involved in the office and negotiations with vendors and the banks. He prefers to be in the background and give direction and advice as needed. While he has no plans to retire anytime soon, he feels it is more important for his son to master every aspect of the business. The only way for that to happen is to put that responsibility squarely on his shoulders. Father and son work together closely, and enjoy seeing a project come to fruition. Design, quality and doing the right job continue to be stressed and have become the mantra for any building carrying the Brunelleschi name.

John Colaneri

Sr. Project Manager & Designer

John graduated from Penn State University in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science degree. He majored in Labor & Industrial Relations and minored in Business Management. He is currently enrolled at Stevens Institute of Technology finishing his Masters in Construction Mgmt.

After graduating from college John accepted a job from a Fortune 500 company, Fisher Scientific. After working at Fisher for a little over a year he was presented with the opportunity to become the United States Operations Manager for an international company called Faital S.p.A. Faital is one of the world leaders in the manufacturing of OEM speakers for the automotive industry. The skills gained here: organization, accounting, and the responsibility for employees furthered John’s experience in the business world.

John was with Faital for over 2 ½ years before his Uncle and Cousin, Alfonso and Anthony, approached him with an opportunity to join the family business of Brunelleschi Construction. With John’s prior experience working in construction, his recently acquired experience needed on the business side, and his eagerness to learn he was ready to make the switch.

John started out running the day to day operations and accounting of the business. Working side-by-side with his cousin supporting onsite personnel with inventory/supply requirements, scheduling and coordinating subcontractors, and fulfilling any daily requirements the job site may need. As the business grew and more support was needed in the field John transitioned into a project manager for various projects. With the expansion of the company John is now the Senior Project Manager overseeing all the company’s GC/Private Client construction projects with various employees reporting to directly to him.

In addition John and Anthony were discovered by HGTV in early 2011 and were asked to shoot a television series for them. The show launched to great success and The Cousins brand was born. Now on their third series Anthony & John have been the driving creative force behind Kitchen Cousins, Cousins On Call and Cousins Undercover. Their shows can be seen both on HGTV and the DIY Network.

John is recently married and lives in North Jersey. He loves spending time with his family and staying as active as possible with sports & daily workouts.

Zach Simon-Curry

Estimator & Designer

With roots in both the mid-west and east coast, Zach comes from a creative family and gravitated toward artistic expression from a young age. With admiration for the great Renaissance painters, as well as the American classicists, he focused on the fine arts through high school.

During his years at Goucher College in Maryland he broadened his horizons while building scenery for theatrical productions and began to take his creative endeavors into three dimensions. Large sculptures and scenic designs exploring the play of structure and light would consume the latter part of his degree and set a direction for his career. A trip to Florence in his junior year reignited a passion for classical aesthetic values and the appeal of the old relating to the new.

After college Zach apprenticed under a builder in Baltimore to renovate an apartment in an 1896 building where he would reside for the following year. Seeking more opportunities to advance his skills, he moved to Brooklyn NY in 2010 and has truly enjoyed the benefits and challenges of living in the ultimate urban environment.

Zach is grateful for the opportunity to be part of the BrunCon team whose values are so in line with his own. His responsibilities include estimating and quoting the many new projects in the pipeline as well as developing designs for clients near and far. He looks forward to growing with the company and upholding the firm’s high level of quality in his work.

Justin Seymour

Project Manager

Justin’s passion for construction began in his teenage years, when he spent summers working to restore historic barns in New Jersey. Those years gave him experience in the fundaments of construction and an appreciation for true craftsmanship at the grassroots level.

As his career progressed, Justin continued to apply those basic artisan techniques he acquired restoring barns to complete large-scale, modern day projects. He has been a project manager for several custom homebuilders, gaining many years of in-the-field experience running crews and managing projects from start to finish.

His professional trade also extends into his personal life; Justin lives in a historic 1841 farmhouse that he restored (and continues to work on to this day.) When he’s not working for Brunelleschi clients or on his own home, he’s running around after his two young children, Henry and Heidi.

His family has roots in construction that come with an entrepreneurial spirit. His great-grandfather opened the first concrete block plant on St. Croix, where he was the main provider of concrete blocks for home construction on the island.

Justin prides himself on his attention to detail and his ability to bring a team together to produce the highest quality product. His respect for our architectural heritage and interest in adaptive reuse make him feel right at home with Brunelleschi Construction.